Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Fire Fighters FC is dedicated to the development of youth soccer players, creating opportunities and experiences on and off the field that inspire and enable them to reach their full potential as athletes, students, and future leaders.


 The team is based out of Khayelitsha, the biggest black township in Cape Town.  There are approximately 800,000 people living in this township, most of whom live in informal settlements--shack houses with pirated electricity wires hung as far as the eye can see. Life in Khayelitsha is far from a walk in the park, gangs, drugs, violence, and fire are real risks for the youth. 

Firefighters are seen as heroes in the communities, a single fire can wipe out scores of homes and people perish on a regular basis. The athletes of the FFC strive to be like the real Firefighters in their community, brave, altruistic, and determined.

These young men are fighting more than the opponents on the other teams, they daily battle the fire in their community, the violence and danger which is ever-present in their lives.


Off the Field Program:

Firefighters FC athletes are leaders on and off the field. Participating players meet after school for peer education sessions. They work on everything from homework help, to presentation skills, to college preparation. Firefighters Football Club is about character building, about raising young men who will be positive role models for the next generation and will strive to make a positive impact in their communities.

We look forward to expanding our Off the Field Program to coordinate more community initiatives that will enable our athletes to give back


Founded in 1998, Fire Fighters Football Club has done remarkably well overcoming adversity to become one of the leading Clubs in Khayelitsha. Consistently excelling in tournaments, FFC has made a name for itself in the Western Cape as a serious competitor with committed athletes.


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