Sunday, April 21, 2019

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Fire Fighters FC would like to extend it’s sincerest gratitude to our past donors who’s generosity has helped lift us to where we are today.

Tupperware Corporation: As an arduous supporter of community initiatives, it is no surprise that Tupperware Corporation has been one of our guardian angel donors. Tupperware has been an incredible supporter for us, donating cleats, balls, track suits and more.

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Casey Bridges:
Casey has become a key pillar in FFC’s support system. He has done so much for FFC, whether it be supplying water and lunch for a tournament, showing his support at practice, coordinating crucial development meetings, and beyond. FFC is forever grateful for Casey’s consistent support and is so thankful to have him on our team.

Baron Dealership Barons. The Volkswagen People

Department of Sports and Recreation of Cape Town:
They have been long time supporters of FFC, their donations of equipment and their support has kept us going.

Barcelona FC:
  We were fortunate enough to be visited by a representative from Barcelona FC, who donated these yellow indestructible balls, and gave invaluable coaching advice.


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